With RELEAF, we change the way green waste is processed by converting it into sustainable, quality biological products which meet local market demands.

We help you valorise your green waste, locally
We put ideas to the test
We are committed to realise solutions

Local value chains are a necessity for the economical viability of green waste valorisation. We develop and scale-up the process that fits best with the demand of local industrial customers and the available green waste. We design processes to organise a decentralised biomass hub close to the end user and the green waste source. 

Often forgotten in the design of local biomass hubs are the requirements imposed by your local customers. Not every process is designed for the challenge you face. Using our own lab equipment and scientific and engineering background, we put ideas to the test and prove concepts on small scale in order to select the process which best meets both your and your customers demand.

RELEAF does not stop where the lab ends. We take lab-scale concepts to the next step and demonstrate promising technologies on-site. We actively take part in the implementation, design, operation and commercialisation of your green products. We work together as partners with local green waste owners and are committed to design and realise economically viable local green waste hubs.

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Together with Stad Gent, RELEAF formulated and demonstrated an effective bioherbicide produced from green waste. The RELEAF technology and knowledge was employed to transform green waste from Stad Gent into a natural, locally-sourced bioherbicide. The bioherbicide was tested and demonstrated on several problematic areas for green management for which an alternative method was favoured.

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There is a long path between a concept for green waste valorisation and the realisation of a local biomass hub. We help you realise your biomass hub in a step by step approach.

Technical feasibility study


Biomass monitoring


Process screening

Application development


Mapping local customer demands


Process optimisation and applicational testing


Qualification of green waste product

Demonstration & implementation


Pilot scale test


Plant design




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