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With RELEAF, we want to change the way green waste is processed by treating it as a valuable raw material and convert it into sustainable, qualitative biobased products to meet a variety of local market demands.


The inception of RELEAF was triggered by the disconnect between green waste management and industrial value chains consuming huge amounts of biomass often imported from other regions. We are motivated to use modern technologies to bridge this gap and create a sustainable and economical ecosystem.



Today, most greenwaste is downcycled with very low valorisation. Because of the low value of the end products, the process is economically viable because of high gate fees. These costs are eventually incurred by the local communities.

RELEAF believes in an upcycling approach, in which the greenwaste is used as raw material for usefull products, ready for the local market.



While we dispose large quantities of waste, we import large amounts of fresh virgin materials from distant locations. Too often, the imports are non-renewable materials, resulting in depletion of resources, GHG-emissions and dependency of our local industrial value chains on international markets.

RELEAF believes these products could be substituted with locally sourced, sustainable produced alternatives.

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